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Best Fabric Covered Storage Buildings for Sale | Toughcover TC407021 Series 40x70x21,40x80x21

1. Size: 40’x60’x19’, 40’x70’x21’, 40’x80’x21’
2. Hot galvanized, Super Truss Style for Heavy load, With steel wire and turnbuckles.
3. Winch roll up door, size: W4.6 x H5.2m (W15’ x H17’)
4. 300g/m2 PE or 610g/m2 PVC with 10 years longevity

Product Details

How can you ensure your storage needs are met with durability and versatility? Look no further than Toughcover's TC407021 series fabric covered storage buildings. These coverall buildings are designed to withstand nature's unpredictabilities, providing a robust and reliable solution for various storage needs.

What makes the TC407021 series fabric buildings for sale the best choice? Central to its design is the state-of-the-art truss system—a genius integration that offers unbeatable strength and stability. Crafted with durable PVC fabric, these buildings not only stand up to the elements but also promise lasting protection against wear, tear, and external adversities. This high-grade material ensures that your assets, whether machinery, vehicles, or supplies, remain safeguarded year-round.

Why choose Toughcover’s fabric covered buildings? The TC407021 series epitomizes multifunctionality, catering to a myriad of storage needs with ease. Whether for industrial storage, agricultural use, or even recreational sheltering, it fits seamlessly into any environment. The super-strong truss style structure, reinforced with extra steel wire and turnbuckles, guarantees a heavy load-bearing capacity, making it perfect for any demanding storage requirements.

Available Models:

Model TC406019: W12.2 x L18.3 x H5.8 meters, (40x60x19 ft)
Model TC407019: W12.2 x L21.4 x H5.8 meters, (40x70x19 ft)
Model TC407021: W12.2 x L21.4 x H6.4 meters, (40x70x21 ft)
Model TC408021: W12.2 x L24.4 x H6.4 meters, (40x80x21 ft)

How easy is it to set up a Toughcover fabric building? Installation is straightforward with a winch roll-up door, making access convenient and secure. The steel frame is hot galvanized to prevent rust, ensuring durability. The fabric options include 300g/m2 PE or 610g/m2 PVC, both offering 10 years of longevity, UV resistance, and fire retardancy.

Ready to purchase the best fabric covered buildings? Invest in the Toughcover TC407021 series today and experience unparalleled storage solutions. Whether you need industrial, agricultural, or recreational storage, these fabric buildings are the best choice for durability and versatility. Purchase now and secure your assets with the best protection available.

Customer Reviews and Photos: Our customers have consistently praised the durability and ease of assembly of our fabric buildings. Check out photos from a 40x70x21ft storage building liked by a customer, and a strengthened 40x46x19ft fabric building assembled in Finland.

sketch of 40x70x21 fabric building

Our best selling truss storage building, fabric building model.  Appreciated by strong structure design, and cost effective.

inside of 40x70x21 fabric building
40x70x21 fabric building
40x80x21 fabric building
winch of 40x70x21 fabric building