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  • 1Starting Your Order with Toughcover

    Interested in ordering from Toughcover? Simply choose your preferred models and quantities, and email us at We'll promptly send you a proforma invoice. We accept payments via T/T or L/C at sight, and production begins upon receipt of your deposit or L/C, with balance due upon the shipping bill of lading.

    2DIY Installation without experience

    Our shelters are designed for easy self-assembly. All parts come pre-drilled with necessary bolts and an assembly manual, making the process straightforward, even for those without prior experience.

  • 3Production Timeline

    Typically, orders are completed within 15-20 days post-deposit receipt, depending on the production schedule and stock availability.

    5Factory Visits

    We warmly welcome potential customers to visit our factory. Please call ahead to schedule a visit, allowing you to firsthand assess our quality and production capabilities.

    4Ordering Replacement Covers

    Absolutely, you can order extra replacement covers anytime to ensure continuous use and protection.

    6Packaging Options

    Small models: Packaged in strong cartons.

    Larger models: Packaged in steel sheet iron boxes or steel crates, suitable for forklift use.

  • 7Fabric Weight Options

    We provide multiple fabric weights for versatility: 

    PE fabric: Available in 200g/m² and 300g/m². 

    PVC fabric: Available in 420g/m² and 610g/m², with an option for 850gsm if required for specialized needs.

    8Proper Installation Surface

    For lasting stability, install our tents/shelters on firm ground or concrete. We provide auger, pegs, or plug bolts for secure fixation.

  • 9Steel Frame Options

    We offer both powder-coated and hot-galvanized steel frames, with hot galvanized being strongly recommended for optimal rust protection.

    11Recommended Fabric

    While PE fabric is a good option, PVC fabric is highly recommended due to its superior durability, tensile strength, and longevity—often exceeding 10 years of service.

    10Customized Shelter Solutions

    Our team of professional engineers is ready to design custom models tailored to your specific requirements.

    12Fabric Colors

    Choose from several color options for both PE and PVC fabrics to match your style or functional needs. We recommend white for enhanced UV resistance.