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9.15m (30') wide Dome&Truss Fabric building

1. Size: W9.15 x L12/20/26 x H4.5m (W30’ x L40’/65’/85’ x H15’) 
2. Strong Truss Style for heavy load.
3. Hot galvanized for Antirust.
4. Winch roll up door, size: W3.7 x H3.8m (W12’ x H12.5’).
5. Fabric: 300g/m2 PE or 610g/m2 PVC.
6. Warehouse Tent, easy assembly and strong structure. Best solution for your storage need.

Product Details

Discover unparalleled excellence with Toughcover's TC304015T series Fabric Building. Intricately designed, its foundation lies in a masterfully crafted truss system, ensuring an unmatched blend of rigidity and resilience. Every beam, every joint echoes the promise of enduring strength.

The building's exterior showcases the durable PVC fabric— a testament to its top-tier quality. This meticulously chosen material offers not just a shield against the diverse whims of nature, but also guarantees long-lasting protection, keeping your assets pristine and safe from the elements.

2.0m(6.6ft) arch spacing: (super strong for snow/wind load)
Model TC304015T: W9.15 x L12 x H4.5 meters, (30x40x15 ft)
Model TC306515T: W9.15 x L20 x H4.5 meters, (30x65x15 ft)
Model TC308515T: W9.15 x L26 x H4.5 meters, (30x85x15 ft)

3.05m(10.0ft) arch spacing: (Lower cost, but strong enough for most conditions)
Model TC304015T: W9.15 x L12.2 x H4.5 meters, (30x40x15 ft)
Model TC306015T: W9.15 x L18.3 x H4.5 meters, (30x60x15 ft)
Model TC308015T: W9.15 x L24.4 x H4.5 meters, (30x80x15 ft)


Don't request for heavy load and want lower budget, try our standard single tube structure storage tent TC304015 series.