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9.15m(30') wide Cheap,Dome storage buildings TC304015, TC306515, TC308515

1. Lighter and Cheap model. Popular in Europe and America.
2 Size:  W9.15 x L12 x H4.5m (30 x 40 x 15 feet), W9.15 x L20 x H4.5m (30 x 65 x 15 feet), W9.15 x L26 x H4.5m (30 x 85 x 15 feet)    
3. Hot galvanized for Antirust.
4. Rope roll up door,size: W3.7 x H3.8m (W12’ x H12.5’)
5. Fabric: 300g/m2 PE or 610g/m2 PVC, 10 years longevity, UV resistant, Fire retardant

Product Details

Lighter material than standard model, Cheap Price. Good choice for customers who do not request heavy snowload. Most Popular Model in Europe and America, Best Selling. Widely use as Carports, Garages, Storage, Workshop, Party and so on...

Dome Storage Buildings, Fabric Shelters, Portable Garage

Model TC304015 (light model): W9.15 x L12.0 x H4.5 meters, (30’ x 40’ x 15’)
Model TC306515 (light model): W9.15 x L20.0 x H4.5 meters, (30’ x 65’ x 15’)
Model TC308515 (light model): W9.15 x L26.0 x H4.5 meters, (30’ x 85’ x 15’)

1. All Steel frame is hot galvanized for Antirust.
2. Door Type: Rope roll up door, size: W3.7 x H3.8m (W12’ x H12.5’)
3. Fabric: 300g/m2 PE or 610g/m2 PVC with 10 years longevity, UV resistant, Fire retardant.
4 .Delivery time : 7-15 Days
5. Package: Steel Crate, or Steel sheet box.

For very heavy snow and wind load request, we have double truss style for you here.