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Lightweight design 9.15m(30ft) wide Portable Shelter. Low budget choice!

1. Lightweight than standard model.
2. Most Popular Model in Europe and America.
3. Size: W9.15 x  L12 x H4.5m (30x40x15ft), W9.15 x L20 x H4.5m (30x65x15ft), W9.15 x L26 x H4.5m (30x85x15ft).    
4. Hot galvanized for Antirust.
5. Rope roll up door, size: W3.7 x H3.8m (W12' x H12.5')
6. Fabric: 300g/m2 PE or 610g/m2 PVC.

Product Details

Introducing the Lightweight TC306515 Series Portable Shelter, compared with the standard 9.15m wide storage tent, this is lightweight design that using smaller size tubing. It's your go-to choice for an affordable and versatile shelter solution. Crafted for customers who seek a low-budget option without the need for heavy snowload capacity, this shelter has become a favorite in both Europe and America.


Whether you're looking for an outdoor warehouse storage solution, a durable carport, or a spacious workshop, the lightweight TC306515 series offers unparalleled flexibility. Available in sizes 30x40, 30x65, and 30x85 feet, each model is equipped with a hot galvanized steel frame for anti-rust protection, a rope roll-up door for easy access, and high-quality PE or PVC fabric that promises up to 10 years of longevity, UV resistance, and fire retardancy.

TC304015, TC306515, TC308515 (Light Model)

1.    Size: W9.15 x  L12 x H4.5m (30x40x15 ft), W9.15 x L20 x H4.5m (30x65x15 ft), W9.15 x L26 x H4.5m (30x85x15 ft).    
2.    All Steel frame is hot galvanized for Antirust.
3.    Door Type: Rope roll up door, size: W3.7 x H3.8m (W12' x H12.5')
4.    Fabric: 300g/m2 PE or 610g/m2 PVC with 10 years longevity, UV resistant, Fire retardant.
5.    Delivery time : 15 Work Days/Container after order confirmed.
6.    Package: Steel Crate, or Steel sheet iron box.

30x65x15 storage tent30x85x15 portable shelter

30x85x15 portable shelter

30x85x15 portable shelter