Promotional Video for Portable Shelter TC2630 range

2017/06/12 << Return list

The TC2630/TC2645/TC2667 range portable shelter, storage tent are very welcomed in North America and Europe for their fast assembly/disassemble, low cost per square meter/feet. They are widely used for cargo storage, agriculture, industry and parking. We offer different length for choice.


TC2630: W7.9 x L9.15 x H4.2 meters, (W26 x L30 x H13.8 feet)

TC2645: W7.9 x L13.7 x H4.2 meters, (W26 x L45 x H13.8 feet)

TC2652: W7.9 x L15.9 x H4.2 meters, (W26 x L52 x H13.8 feet)

TC2667: W7.9 x L20.5 x H4.2 meters, (W26 x L67 x H13.8 feet)

TC2682: W7.9 x L25.0 x H4.2 meters, (W26 x L82 x H13.8 feet)

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