1.6m(5.2') wide Small Fabric Storage Sheds, Motors Garage. Fast and moveable solution for storage

1. Size:W1.6 x L2.59/3.35 x H1.93 meters (W5.2 x L8.5/11 x H6.3 feet)
2. Zipper roll up door
3. Light weight 200g/m2, 300g/m2 PE fabric
4. Easy and fast installation, low cost solution for garden storage, motors parking, greenhouse portable shelter.

Product Details

Small Fabric Storage ShedsMotors Garage Carport. Fast and easy to assemble and disassemble. Only takes 2 man and less than a hour to install. Movable, durable and multifunctional. Protect your tools and motorcycle well from UV sunshine, dust and rain.
Model TC508: W1.6 x L2.59 x H1.93 meters (W5.2 x L8.5 x H6.3 feet)
Model TC511: W1.6 x L3.35 x H1.93 meters (W5.2 x L11 x H6.3 feet)

1. Hot galvanized framework
2. Zipper door in both ends
3. Fabric: 200g/m2, 300g/m2 PE or PVC fabric.
4. Delivery time: 7-15 Days
5. Package: Cartons.