12.2m(40') wide, Fabric Structure, TC406019, TC407021, TC408021

1. Size: W12.2 x L18.3/21.4/24.4 x H5.8/6.4m (W40’ x L60’/70’/80’ x H19’/21’) 
2. Strong Truss Style for Heavy load.
3. Hot galvanized steel structure for Antirust.
4. Winch roll up door, size: W4.6 x H5.2m (W15’ x H17’)
5. Fabric: 300g/m2 PE or 610g/m2 PVC.
6. Portable Large Fabric Structure. Agriculture, Industrial/Farm use.

Product Details

Best Selling!! Most Popular Truss Style Model. Strong structure and durable fabric for very heavy SnowLoad. Widely use as Agriculture, Industrial, Parking, and so on...
Manufacturer Wholesaler Price to maximum save your investment 

Fabric Structure

Model TC406019: W12.2 x L18.3 x H5.8 meters, (W40 x L60 x H19ft)
Model TC407021: W12.2 x L21.4 x H6.4 meters, (W40 x L70 x H21ft)
Model TC408021: W12.2 x L24.4 x H6.4 meters, (W40 x L80 x H21ft)


1.    Super Strong Truss Style for very Heavy Load. With extra steel wire and turnbuckles for strengthen.

2.    All Steel frame is hot galvanized for Antirust.

3.    Winch roll up door, door size: W4.6 x H5.2m (W15’ x H17’)

4.    Fabric: 300g/m2 PE or 610g/m2 PVC with 10 years longevity, UV resistant, Fire retardant.

5.    Delivery time : 15 Work Days/Container after order confirmed.

6.    Package: Steel Crate, or Steel sheet iron box.