Cover installation Photos of 50ft wide Large Storage Warehouse Tent

2016/06/13 << Return list

The cover for TC50150 warehouse tent has been installed last week in Romania. Here is some photos from customer. Being the first time to install our storage tent, they have done very well to the framework and cover installation. Cheers for them!
All the necessary parts (the ropes, ratchet straps) for cover installation has been provided in our crates. Main cover installation of large size fabric building is sometimes a little difficulty for new customers. As customers' request, we could make the main cover to be pieces, like 10 meters(33feet) long for each piece. In this way it will be much easier to install.
Remember, you should always choose a windless day to install the cover. The wind will make it very difficult to install, and may cause damage to cover.
So far, this 50x150x23ft (L45.75 x W15.24 x H7.0m) warehouse tent/fabric tension installation has been finished. Thanks for the photos taken by our customer, I hope you all like them. We look forward to more business cooperation with all our customers, we'll keep on offering nice design and high cost-effective portable shelterswarehouse tentsstorage fabric buildings for your storage demand.
Please follow us for more news and designs in the future.