Greenhouse structure project in Ethiopia, Africa

2017/03/23 << Return list

For greenhouse and storage warehouse purpose, our 40'x70'x19' (12.2x21.4x5.8m) and 40'x130'x19' (12.2x39.7x5.8m) fabric building/ warehouse tent are used in this project. Considering the rough environment in Ethiopia, we offered double truss structure for strong wind, and high UV treated PVC fabric for strong sunshine.  
All parted need for assembly like bolts, anchors are included in our crate package, and all steel tubes are pre-cut and pre-drilled. The building in the photo are not finished assembly yet, but we can see they've done a great job being the first time to install our building.  Our structure/tent are re-locatable, they could be disassembled and transport to another location for new project. 
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More photos of 40'(12.2m) wide fabric building/storage tent.