High Qualified Solutions of Fabric Buildings, Engineered Tension Structures, Storage Tents and Portable Shelters

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ToughCover is expert supplier of Tension Fabric Structures, Fabric Covered Buildings, Warehouse Storage Tents and Temporary Portable Shelters with more than 20 years experience in China. Our clearspan buildings/tents are suitable for various of application like industrial and commercial use, shipping container covers, carports & garages, sand & salt, hay & feed storage, airplane hangars, oil & gas mining facilities solutions, events, farm & livestock housing, and greenhouse. 

We offers the best value for your storage investment, they are easy and fast to build, maximum the usable space, and low in cost per square foot/meter. Choosing ToughCover, you are choosing a reliable and responsible partner. We welcome both retail and wholesale orders, no minimum order quantity required. We will make the process of your purchasing easy and pleasant.

"First time to import?" Don't worry, we have professional shipping forwarder to offer the full service of import jobs.

"Easy transportation and store" Toughcover products use strong steel crates package, easy and safe to transport by truck and forklift.

"Ready to go!"  All steel parts are predrilled, you do not have to drill any hole.  All parts for assembly are provided, including bolts, anchors, rope and so on.


Pointed W9.15m(30'), Chinese Fabric Buildings, Storage Shelters for sale

1. W9.15 x L12/20/26 x H4.8 meters 
    (W30 x L40/65/85x H16 feet) 
2. Hot galvanized for Antirust.
3. Roll up door, size: W3.7 x H4.1m (W12 x H13.4 feet)
4. 300g/m2 PE or 610g/m2 PVC with 10 years longevity, UV resistant, Fire retardant.
5. Fabric Buildings,Storage Shelters for agriculture, mining storage

Similar Size with our best selling model Round TC304015/306515/308515, but higher and "pointed roof". Chinese manufacturer,wholesale price and fast delivery.

Fabric Buildings,Storage Shelters for sale
Model TC304016(HS): W9.15 x L12.0 x H4.8 meters, (W30 x L40 x H16 feet)
Model TC306516(HS): W9.15 x L20.0 x H4.8 meters, (W30 x L65 x H16 feet)
Model TC308516(HS): W9.15 x L26.0 x H4.8 meters, (W30 x L85 x H16 feet)

1. Hot galvanized structure.
2. Roll up door, size: W3.7 x H4.1m (W12 x H13.4 feet)
3. Fabric: 300g/m2 PE or 610g/m2 PVC with 10 years longevity, UV resistant, Fire retardant.
4. Delivery time : 7-15 Days
5. Package: Steel Crate

House style roof, nice appearance

fabric building

fabric structure building308515P building308515P building

Our Fabric Building and Storage Tent, each base plate have stake pegs and earth augers for fixation

For concrete ground, our building could offer expansion bolts

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